Quick update

Sorry I’ve not posted in a while. My head has been all over the show, as well as having some bad news lately.

Current update.

Well since I started back on my meds, I’ve felt so tired, and sick. Hopefully the side effects will wear off within the next week. 🤮🤮

I have got a bit behind with my course work but just finished unit 6 in rough so I’m officially over half way in my course.

I was meant to have my therapy yesterday but i had been up clock watching for hours and then James was up at half 6, so I cancelled my appointment, so whilst hubby looked after James I fell back asleep till 11am, and for those who know me, that’s not like me.

I am doing workouts at home, to try and get healthier again. So twice a day I’m doing exercises and then I do some yoga in the evening. It’s helping me stay focused

We took James to the park yesterday afternoon, it drizzled a bit but that didn’t stop us. I’m still struggling with my mobility (stupid spatial problems…whatever they may be) but at least I’m not acting crazy now the meds are kicking in… Xx

So hopefully blood tests will reveal something.. I am desperate for answers. I need my life back.

Just a quick update

It’s been a little while since I wrote a blog. I’m back on a low dose of sertraline and I’ve had blood tests (again) to see what my hormones are like… If nothing untoward shows up I’ll have the results in 3 weeks.

I’m also waiting another referral to neurology dept at hospital which could be over 6 weeks.

The sertraline has made me feel sick so can’t wait till I’m back to being use to it again… Although I haven’t had a bad day this last week (well no emotional outbursts or angry rants).

Im just over half way through my mental health course, I’ve been doing workouts at home every day too, and I’m keeping a mood journal.

Yesterday we went to a farm with my mum and stepdad, James loved it.

How cute is this happy peacock family 😍

Life doesn’t seem as bad at moment, I need to get better so James can have the best mummy ever.

What does it feel like to be in my head???

Well I feel like I’ve gone back with my mental health (if it is even mental health), hopefully my blood tests will reveal something but going to make doctors appointment tomorrow to get back on my prescription.

So what does it feel like?? I see everyone walking normally up a road, across a park or open space and my head feels like asking “how are you doing that?” To them… I feel like I’m in a bubble (or my brain is in a bubble) and that I’m a bit spacey. It makes me clumsy. This last week I’ve fallen twice, broke my living room door the first time, and the second time I’ve cut the back of my head, but at least I didn’t need stitches this time (unlike last year where I did crack my head open enough for stitches)

People ask me how it feels, to describe it, but honestly, words fail me, my brain blocks my body from doing what it needs to.

I am isolated, trapped in this strange….. (See I can’t even find the words).

Ive researched so many illnesses, mental and physical but nothing fits me and I can’t fit my problems to anything.

Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated

Unsure what to do

Well my brain has truly gone stupid. I’ve had a bad week this week… Back to the doctors on Wednesday.

I am broken, it’s like I’m trapped within my head and unable to function.

I think I need to go back on my meds. .

Published article

Woooo xx my article I wrote will be published. 🥰😘😍

I’m so excited she’s asked me to do another 😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Will post link when it’s up 😍😍😍😍